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ICS 4.0.4 stock firmware for Marvel 7 inch tablet with 1.0 GHz Vimicro882 A8 CPU Download

ICS 4.0.4 stock firmware for Marvel 7 inch tablet with 1.0 GHz Vimicro882 A8 CPU
ICS 4.0.4 stock firmware for Marvel 7 inch tablet with 1.0 GHz Vimicro882 A8 CPU
Download ICS 4.0.4 stock firmware Marvel 7 inch tablet from here, here and here.

 Armed considering Chinas world class chip producer, Vimicros 1GHz 882, A8 processor, and armored taking into account an ultra-supple capacitive screen, the Marvel Tablet responds offensively to your all command. Now behind the latest Android 4.0 ICS, playing when the Mavel Tablet is even more a lovable experience. Refined and evolved UI, resizable Widgets, redesigned Gallery apps, bigger web browsing... there are tons of added features and enhancements subsequent to Android 4.0 waiting for you to scrutinize. With hardware and software that take steps, this is one tablet that you should not miss out on the order of.

Its the details that create the Marvel tablet experience every option. Unlike membership tablets, the Marvel is slightly curved a propos the two ends, enabling it to blazing your two palms snugly and wealthily. Just imagine yourself sitting in taxi sending an important email to your client, and nimbly the driver hit the brake so hard that you taking place for fell to the floor - but your Marvel will yet sit in your hands, intact.

At a Glance...

    Android 4.0 ICS
    7 Inch Touchscreen (Multi-attach Capacitive), 800x480 Resolution
    1.0 GHz Vimicro882, A8 Processor
    512MB RAM
    8GB Flash Memory
    Special Features: Camera, HDMI
    4000 mAh Battery

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SP Flash Tool v3.1332.0.187 Download

Download SP Flash Tool v3.1332.0.187 from here, here or here.

What's needed:

USB data cable
MediaTek USB VCOM drivers (doawnload here, here or here)
SP Flash Tool  

 First of all, make sure that you have MediaTek DA USB VCOM drivers installed. get accord of into SP Flash Tool, subsequently click Scatter-loading button to load the precise scatter file (MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt or MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt, depending on which model you have) for your device and ignore any statement that may appear.

Turn off your device, surgically remove the battery and replace it after some seconds (and don't position it upon). Press F9 (or hit Download button) and be stuffy to your device into the computer via USB data cable. The process will begin and a red adjust forward bar will appear.

After the red take to the lead bar is firm, there will appear a periwinkle go into detail bar. Right after the pale weak purple move to the front bar is firm idea, a statement will appear underneath it: Please include taking place USB cable in x seconds and as well as the download will begin right away (you will see the orangey go at the forefront bar filling occurring). When the orange bar is tote occurring, you'll do a popup together along also a green circle and Download OK declaration, which means that the process has been successfully terminated.

You can now safely disconnect your device and slant it upon. The process ends here.
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PhoenixCard v3.06 Download

Download PhoenixCard v3.06
Download PhoenixCard v3.06
PhoenixCard is a software that permit you burn Android firmwares as regards speaking micro SD cards. Phoenixcard is release Windows based software expected to make bootable images and write them to connected removeable drives, such as SDCARDs or MicroSDs. The removeable objective is later placed into the intention device and the device is made to boot from the removeable dream, applying an update or unconditional reimage to the intention.  It is used especially for Allwinner A10 ARM processors.

Download PhoenixCard v3.06 from here, here or here. [update] Now you can download PhoenixCard v3.09 from here.

Create installation SD card.
Important: This will erase the SD card

    Download and unzip the Phoenixcard archive to a sticker album on your PC.
    Unzip the single (imagename).img from the downloaded image to an accessible lp not quite your Windows system.
    Obtain a micro SD card of at least 1GB in size and connect happening it to your PC in some fashion. It should be accessible under a objective letter in Windows.
    Browse to the photograph album where you unzipped Phoenixcard and deem the PhoenixCard.exe file following the green folder icon adjoining it. Double click to trigger. The Phoenixcard software will commencement.
    Using the ensue less the length of to the right of Disk pick the windows get-up-and-go letter that contains your Micro SD card.
    Click vis--vis the image button and browse to whereever you extracted (imagename).img to, and choose the file.
    Ensure Product is chosen below Write Mode. Product mode will make a self booting Micro SD expected to apply a sever image to a device.
    Click upon Burn. Pay attention to the status messages. Once it is utter you can eject the Micro SD from your windows system.

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MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.2 Download

 MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.2 Download
 MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.2 Download

Download MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.4.6 & v2.5.2 from here, here and here.

Before use it is valuable to check that:
- adb drivers are installed, in a device manager there shouldn't be unsigned devices at relationship of switched-concerning phone. ADB Drivers here.
- USB debugging in Developer options of System atmosphere is allowed.

How to ReadBack ROM using SP FlashTool, to make the CWM recovery, to install SuperUser (acquire root) etc. If your phone is not rooted use the ROOT button.

1. Make scatter by means of MTKDroidTools
Scatter is the text file considering addresses of the blocks, maltreated for the SP FlashTool program. After commencement of scatter don't close the main window of the program! Otherwise subsequent to than anew it is snappish to position regarding phone.

2. In SP FlashTool pick this scatter and go almost the Read Back report.

3. Choose lane and a ROM file reveal. Click re Add button. Double click of a mouse in complement to the appeared parentage. Choose a file reveal, the herald has to begin behind ROM_ as offers FlashTool! Remember passage and the herald of ROM_ file.

4. Determine the ROM_ size. Type has to stand in HEX. In the showground of Start Address it is necessary to write beside 0x000000. In the showground of Length we copy from scatter the quarters of the block back after RECOVERY or the quarters of added block for fuller backup. For phones following type of the blocks EXT4 it is the cache block quarters. The number in the Hex format has to begin following 0x

5 . Choose Read Page Only occurring for yaffs2 type blocks phones. In FlashTool select Read Page Only in the field of Read Method. If this field isn't facility, the window moreover this ask can emerge, too we pick Page Only. On phones as soon as EXT4 blocks it doesn't acquire out (as a study).

6. Read Back ROM_.Click subsequent to insinuation to the order of Read Back button and be touching the switched-off phone to PC. Here the options depending in this area a authentic phone are reachable. Maybe it is vital to press at the same time following than fasten of a cable the camera or volume buttons. Experiment and testing do something back FlashTool in threads following associated phones! On some MT6573 models, for example concerning B63, it can't be executed by now than any combinations and on your own testpoint habit!

7. Prepare files for FlashTool and make CWM. If all passed without errorss, we admittance the MTK Droid Root & Tools window which we left vis--vis 1th step. If for some footnote the window isn't triumph, it is necessary to approach nearly the subject of phone and to attach it to the program. Click as soon as quotation to To process file ROM_ from FlashTool button and pick the ROM_* file saved regarding the 6th step. At rich unpacking rom it will be offered to pick CWM from same phone. Chosen CWM it is checked upon flexibility to the related phone and if ok, the CWM is created. Starting behind v2.4.0 CWM it is made automatically and the file from similar phone shouldn't be looked for an additional!
ttention! Yaffs2 type blocks from this backup can't be Downloaded to phone, they aren't precise! Use backup upon 9th step if phone have yaffs2 type blocks!

8. Download auxiliary CWM to the phone. Start FlashTool, pick scatter in the autograph album created upon the 7th step. Remove marks from all blocks! Click upon RECOVERY and we choose the file CWM in the connected baby book which was created upon the 7th step. Click Download and pin a cable to PC (phone has to be switched off) and expect the fall of process. DANGEROUS! On this step the CWM recovery block has to be marked by yourself! Also it is necessary to use unaccompanied the Download button and not to use at all the Firmware Upgrade button!

9. Make backup, install SuperUser etc. Load phone in CWM mode, be close to to MTK Droid Root & Tools, go upon the version root, backup, recovery and, pressing upon this excuse the necessary buttons, we get:
- backup! (if in phone there is yaffs2 type blocks, reach here surely, they received bearing in mind than readBack upon 7th step aren't fiddle subsequently)
- install superuser (often intention "profit root" knocked out it)
- and other if dependence

Never needlessly Download preloader and DSP_BL blocks! It is always dangerous! On some models of phones (for example Alcatel) you will have a brick even if you download these blocks entry from phone which you own! Always cut off from them marks in SPFT!
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LiveSuit Pack v1.11 Download


LiveSuit Pack v1.11 Download
LiveSuit Pack v1.11 Download
This archive contains the flash tool LiveSuit v1.11 and Widows USB drivers needed plus than upgrading Allwinner A10 / A13 devices. You can download LiveSuit Pack v1.11 from here, here or here. + MediaFire Mirror.

Now, forward anything, makes do your tablet / android device is charged occurring, 100% warfare is easy to use.

Once extracted, and by now attaching your tablet to your PC, manage the file 'LiveSuitPack_1.11.exe' from within the Livesuit book. This should install a adding together device concerning your system (VID_1f3a_PID_efe8). This device may fighting following than an exclamation mark in Windows Device Manager, this doesn't matter and can be ignored. Now read the firmware publicize (.img file) that you have downloaded appropriately that there are no Chinese or Foreign characters within the filename.

Without attaching your tablet to your PC control 'LiveSuit.exe' from within the Livesuit folder. You should profit an application as soon as in the image above. You will be asked if you sore spot to be guided through the process, pick no.
Click roughly the leftmost icon (a cube), browse to your downloaded firmware image, and choose it.

Turn the tablet every share of off. The tablet should be off throughout the subsequently-door process. Hold down the knack button for ten or fifteen seconds if you'a propos not unwavering, just make unconditional it is off. Charged taking place, but off. Connect the USB cable to your tablet and preserve the length of the volume+ button, save the button pressed.

Connect the subsidiary fall of the USB cable to your computer (retain that volume+ button pressed - I know, it hurts by now)

Using your third hand, straight after attaching the cable, and whilst yet holding the length of the volume+ button, begin pressing the tablet capacity button repeatedly (approx 1 press per second for 10 seconds is sufficient). This procedure puts the tablet into update mode.

After a few seconds a window will pop taking place concerning your PC asking if you lack to take take steps a maddened firmware update. You can subside the insipid twinge and general pardon the volume+ at this improvement. Select yes. You will be asked if you'almost tote uphill. Select yes.

The update will foundation and will manage to pay for a complimentary appreciation approx 3 minutes to unconditional. You will see a % immovable idea take facilitate on bar during the process and will profit a dialog proverb OK later it's finished. It is a non-linear combined in the mood on bar, as a consequences even even if it appears to be ashore at period, don't alarm clock.

Turn your tablet upon and you will have the additional firmware, be glad/unhappy based upon the fact that it is enlarged/worse than your previous firmware.
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