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How to Earn Money Through Internet Easily: 8 Popular Ways


If You had always thought of Earning Big Money and you had never struck with the idea of “How to Earn Money Through Internet” then i suggest you to expand your knowledge and Scope of your Visions. Internet is the very deep world.People get become habitual of an Internet world as they use this. Specially when they are connected with their friends or find some cool topics of their Interests.
Internet is becoming more popular as generation running. As your knowledge increases about Internet World, you obviously want to do something new that enhances your knowledge and skills. Obviously you get spare time during internet surfing. Now if I say that you can utilize your spare time, and you can also earn money from an internet then you will definitely want to know.

Money is very demanding & necessary thing in this world. It is also said that “Money is nothing but also Money is everything”. You can’t purchase happiness from money but without money you can’t live happily. There are various ways of earning money but the internet is the best & fastest way of making money. You can earn money online without any limits & so easily. Here you will get through all the special ways of making money on the web.

8 easy ways to earn money through Internet:

(1) By Publishing your own Book

If you are habitual of writing or you like to write, then this is the fantastic way of earning money from Internet. You can publish your own book. Internet can help you a lot in this case. is a website, which provides free service. The service name is Kindle Direct Publishing.

How to earn money from internet easily by kindle direct publishing
Kindle Direct Publishing Service
By the help of this service, you can publish you own book on (electronic) book store. You can also get royalty by selling.Royalty has got 2 plans.
In first plan, you get 35% royalty.Here the book can be sold out in any country.
In second plan, you get 70% royalty.Here the book be sold in main or choose countries.
You can also get your payout in any currency.This is one of the most Popular way to earn money through  internet.

(2) Make your own Apps and sell them

Now a days, the users of Smart Phones and Tablets are increasing heavily in each country. In this way Application Development can be a good business. If you know the work of Application Development, then you can sell your apps on Internet.
Don’t you worry, if you don’t know the work of Application Development. There are many websites available on Internet. Where you can learn Online Application Development. It is a very simple thing. Hard is that “The Wonderful Idea for the App” that leads the best Way for making money from the web. You need market knowledge also for this Unique idea.
All of the work is based on creativity. It shows that how creative you are in many senses. Once you create the app then you submit this on the related App Store. You will also set the App Price with submitting the App. You will also set the “Advertising Status”. Means Want to Advertise on your app or not and they will pay you after the end of each month.

(3) Work Online and Get Money Online

There are many Bogus Companies available on Internet. They keep promise to you for paying exchange of working. In short they pay you exchange of your work, but you never get that money of your work.
There are some famous Trusted websites also, that do the same.
How to earn money from internet easily by odesk
Earn Money Easily By Odesk

How to earn money from internet easily by elance
Earn Money Easily By Elance
These are the World Famous Websites.Here first you have to set up your profile. Then you have to give the test for showing your work ability. This test will show you about the capability of your work. After that you have to be listed as a contractor or Freelancer. Then after people will pay according to the hours at their work. One of the most Interesting way of making money through internet .

(4) Sell your Own Photo Online

You are definitely thinking that Is this the right way of  earning money through internet?? Or I’m making fool of you!  So i want to say that It is absolutely right & legal way of making fast money online. There are many legal websites available for this purpose.

Earn Money Easily By Shutter Point
Earn Money Easily By Shutter Stock
Earn Money Easily By i-Stock
These are called “Stock Websites”. These websites do host submitted photographs of their members. According to the policy of website, you can get 15% to 85% royalty on each sell. As your photo quality better, as the money you will earn.
For this purpose, First you have to upload the photos. In this uploading process website will select the photos. Website will check the quality of photos. Website will also check “can the photo be sold or not”? After that the permission, you can upload the photos and get revenue.

(5) Start Your Own Online Shop

This way of generating money online belongs to creativity. If you are creative then Online Shop is only made for you. You can learn to create “Handicrafts”. You can also purchase Unique Thing at cheap cost from wholesale dealer. After that you can prepare the set up of your own Online Shop.
For this purpose,you have to follow some steps :-
1.First,collect the stock of Goods and all the required products.
2.Now you have to sell those Goods or Stock. You can go on and for this purpose.
3.You have to do Sign Up process. Sign Up Process is very simple.
4.After verified as a Seller,Step By Step wizard opens. This will tell you the information of online Store Setup.
Earn Money Easily By ebay
Earn Money Easily By Indian Bazaar
Here the all information has been provided for selling purpose. You can read the terms and information. After reading,you can put the information of your items or products easily. This is one of the passionate way to earn money through internet.

(6) Become Tutor For Earning Money Online

This way is specially belong to experienced ones. If you have got deep knowledge of any subject and if you have got experience about teaching, then surely this is the best platform of showing your talent & skills. Teaching is the talent which is very demanding now a days. There are many professional websites available for giving wings to your teaching talent. These are some verified websites -

Earn Money Easily By 2tion
You can go on these websites & can become tutor. There are some various steps which you have to follow -
(1)First You have to do sign up process. You can also do sign up on both websites. This is a matter of choice.
(2)Now you have to prepare your tutor profile. You have to put the info about your deep knowledge subject or subject which you want to teach.
(3)You have to give the classification about class or class which you want to teach.
(4)Also you have to give the info of your experience about teaching, timings for the Online tuition & Revenue of your hard-working.
After verification your profile get to set up. Website lists your profile on portal, where the students can contact you for tution. After that you can also select virtual space. You can take help from Live Chat & collaboration White Board.
As i said before this way of earning money is for experts.But less talented persons can also try their Luck. May be your fortune will work for them. It is also said that “Fortune favors the Brave”. May be they will become brave. Whatever Always hope for the Best. :)

(7) Sell Your Old Goods or Things On Internet

This is easiest way of passive income online. This is also a very popular way on internet now a days. I don’t know, Should i explain this way or not? I’m little-bit confused. Because everybody knows this way. But therefore as a blogger i am supposed to write this way also.
You can sell your old products or things or goods of your house on internet. You all know about these famous websites -
Earn Money Easily By Olx
Earn Money Easily By Quickr

Here free classified platform has been provided. First you have to create your personal account. Then you have to put info your products,which you want to sell. You also need to give Location, Photographs of your product & approx. Cost. It is also the simplest in all ways of earning money on the web.

(8) Earn From Website

This is the world-famous way of earning money with internet. If you had a blog or Website Running , then you have surely heard about Google Adsense. This is the service of Google for making money online.

First,you have to sign up on this account by your Gmail account. You can use this account for your blogs, websites or you-tube channel. You have to attract more or many more visitors for your blogs or website. You can write blogs as the subject of your favorite choices. Then you can earn revenue from Google by advertising. This is also one of the famous ways to earn money through internet.


There are many opportunities available of earning through internet. I’m also earning a rich amount from internet. In my opinion, blogging is the best & simplest way from which you can do everything. You can get name,fame & almost everything in your life”.  If you are on web,then you are on top”. So try these very successful ways of making money online.
Thanks for taking your time to reading this post. Stay Tuned for more updates related to make money on internet.
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How to Make Money with a Blog-The Complete Guide

how to make money with a blog or website 

Making Money From a Blog is much Common in Western Countries like UK and US. But in Countries like India it’s still a resource not everyone knows. Earlier Blogging seems to be only meant for sharing your Views on popular topics and presenting it to whole World. But with the come up of Google Adsense, the vision of people and the Web entirely changed.
I present you the Top Best Sources through which you can make Money with a Blog or may be a Website designed or owned by you. I hope that you know the basic difference between a Blog and a Website. In case you do not know then go through the link and update yourself difference-between-blog-and-website/. But when it comes to make money and earn money, Blog and Website seems to be synonyms. So the 8 Best Sources i describe here for earning money with a blog are automatically justified for a Website too.

8 Sorces to Make Money with a Blog

1) Cost/Pay Per Click(PPC)  Ad Network

E.g-Google Adsense

The Biggest and Widest Source to generate your Online passive Income and make money from a Blog designed by you is with the Cost per Click Advertising Network or what we can it in two words is Google Adsense(As almost all the Bloggers know about it). A simple but complicated to get program established by Google which let’s you select the type of ad you want for your blog niche content and pay you according to how many visitors have clicked on that ad from your Web pages.

2) CPM Ad Network:


Not a widely used Ad network to make  money with a blog, still it’s much popular among blog’s receiving per day more than 1000 unique visitors. Cost Per impression(CPM) or specifically Cost Per Thousand Impressions  refers to cost which the advertisers pay to the site publishers for each time whenever an ad is displayed on the Web Page.(Different from Google Adsense where visitor should click in order to earn money from blog ).

3) Affiliate Programs:

E.g-Amazon Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs, in a layman language, is basically purely a commission based program, where you help to sell the product of a company by placing a banner on your Blog. Your Blog is just like a middle man between the customers and Organisations.
Running a variety of Affiliate Programs on blog with a bulk of traffic seems to be the common  tactic nowadays through which you can easily make huge income. And the most important thing about these is the quality product  they sell to their customer and helps  you to grab some dollars and even get some good thankful messages from your blog readers for the recommendation.
Although, the Companies that provide Affiliate Programs widely varies according to your Blog Niche, but here are some popular websites on which you can sign up and start earning some extra money.

4) Direct Ad Sale/Sponsorship

I assume the best answer for how to make money with a Blog lies in sponsorships.You can directly sell your website/Blog ad space to Advertisers. It’s best source to make money from Blog as you getting paid in advance. You rent some blog space to  advertisers and they will pay you according to 3 different models. These are Pay per time,Pay Per click and Pay Per Impression. The most important thing you should keep in mind about Direct Ad sale is that instead of implementing guidelines of Advertisers on your blog you  should set your  own rules for advertising and payments.

5) Get Paid to Write Reviews

The Best Source if you want to make instant money is by offering Paid Reviews on your Blog. But it has some limitations. Your Blog  must receives huge amount of  Traffic Daily and your Blog has a good impact on Social Media. Your Alexa as well as Page rank also matters. But if you full-fill all these criteria then this alone can generate a Huge Income.
Advertisers Search for the Blogs that writes Quality and Unique content on their Blog. They just ask to write a review of one of their products in the form of Posts including a link of their Website. And you will be paid accordingly. Minimum Payment you will get is 5$.

6) Generate your Blog Services:

If you are Blogging for the last couple of Years and receive a good amount of traffic from Various Countries then there is a chance that you can generate a new Business with that. Convert your Blog readers to your Business Customers. With relevant to you blog content, you can offer some services that might be helpful for them. You can also sell some books or marketize your skills with your paid programs.

 7) Flipping

Although this tactic is more commonly used with Websites, but still it can be a bigger source to generate Income with a Blog. You build a Blog, increase content,  traffic, rankings, social media engagement and then sell it- This is basic concept of Flipping. Many Business owners will approach you(like they have approcahed me) if you have a quality blog or otherwise you can list your blog on popular Buying and Selling websites Portal like and you will easily get millions.

8) Donations

With PayPal

Last but of course not the least, when it comes to make money from Blog purely designed by you, is via Donations. In contrast to  today’s usual Human Psychology, the World is still full of people who always appreciate the hard work you had done and would  be wiling to  fund you. I just analysed some popular blogs on the Internet and found that it’s also a common very good source that help Bloggers to make money from Blog.
Just think about the 2 Internet most Popular Websites WikiPedia and WordPress. They are still running on Fund Basis and they frequently run campaigns and  request their  users for donations. So don’t be shy and just display a banner for your Blog Donations
But if you blog is centralised to  Indian Visitors only then i personally recommend you to leave this source.
make money from blog or website with donations on blog
Hope you enjoyed reading this. You can  Subscribe our Weekly Newsletter to get other Important Updates and Essential Tips to make Money From Blog. If you know any other Source that you might think be added in this post, kindly Share with us in our comments section Below.
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