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Banners Broker Traffic Bank


The Banners Broker Traffic Bank is just another place within your back office which gives you some useful information.

You can get most of the same information from your normal panels page but here, it’ll break things down a little further.
To get to your traffic bank, click on the Traffic Bank menu option.
You will be presented with a breakdown of the traffic hits you have bought or accrued.
We have covered this in a previous lesson but I’ll give you a short summary here.
First look at the Traffic Bank image in your back office.
The Total Traffic figure is the total amount of traffic hits you have acquired with either traffic packs or sales credits (or organic traffic).
The General Traffic figure tell you how much traffic you own, through buying traffic packs.
The colored panels to the right, break down the traffic you have acquired through sales credits. They are broken down into the panel they have been allocated for.
If you have both traffic pack traffic and sales credit traffic in your traffic bank, the system will use the sales credit traffic first when qualifying panels.
The area below the top line contains 4 tabs. This breaks down your traffic into a pie chart so you can visually see how much traffic you own via traffic packs, sales credits and via organic traffic.
If you select a particular tab, you will get further information in the lower section detailing exactly where and how that traffic came from. In the image above, you can see that the sales tab has been selected and the detailed breakdown shows the person who bought and qualified panels of his own, thereby sending me sales credits.
Each of the tabs will give you similar information.

Other than the detailed breakdown, you can pretty much get the same information from your normal panel view by looking at the traffic figures on top.
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