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How to get verified Paypal account in banned countries?

As I've already discussed about Paypaland Blogger integration and I've also told that it is still banned in some countries because of some outcomes of 9/11 but, these types of banned in such countries can distract the bloggers and all the sellers who wants these types of commercial tools to monetize.As Paypal is most safe and most beloved way to pay and get paid it is important so I've got a way to get a certified Paypal account in banned countries. Lets see!

The solution I am going to share is not suggested because their is not any legal ways to get Paypal account is banned countries but this solution can help you to withdraw your Paypal transitions and can help to get paid from your certified Paypal account.

Payoneer is one online banking solution that provides their prepaid mastercard to their customers for free.The mastercard can be withdraw from any ATM that accepts mastercard.The master card is not a solution but they do provide a service , US payment service or you can say US virtual bank account.After getting approval for card they will send you the details.

This is a sample of a Payoneer debit card.


Go to Paypal and register yourself as a US a English person and do use a fake US address and phone number.Use correct E-mail,otherwise your E-mail will not be verified.After making an account on Paypal go to Payoneer.In Payoneer register yourself and put all the correct information about yourself  and put a your current address.They will take about 20 days to approve your card and after approval they will send the card.For US residence they send card under 20 days and for non-US they send in 25-40 days.If you not get approval then kindly contact them or go to their forum.After getting your US virtual bank account services information go to Paypal and go to verify and insert all those information,under 2-3 business days they will send you 2 small amounts.Put those 2 small amounts in they Paypal verification page and they will verify you.
In my experience related to Payoneer ,I was get stuck in my approval but they really helped me.But,Afterall it is an illegal way to get a verified Paypal account and IN ANY LOSE OF MONEY WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE.

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In past few decades Paypal is increased in all over world,even in the stores, iPhone card readers and much more.Paypal is one of the way to for electronic transfers and Paypal is beloved by the users because it is safe and quick.But,although it is not available in some of the countries like Bangladesh,Pakistan,Iran and Afghanistan.Paypal provides tons of tools for a website or a blog ,either fundraising or selling tools.Now lets see how can you integrate Blogger with Paypal.


As I've told you Paypal is beloved way to pay.Those bloggers who wants to create a online store,Paypal provides unbelievable merchant tools that can help you out to create aonline stor and take payments saftely and easily from your customers.The customers will not feel unsafe as always because Paypal is providing their services from a long time period and it is still the same as before,safe and quick.All the payments will be send to Paypal account even those Bloggers who wants to monetize their blog with CPM or CPC or any of the advertising network it is better to have a Paypal account because many of the advertising companies pays you out through Paypal and it is cheaper too.Wire transfer is safe but costly,check is cheap but it take a lot of time but Paypal takes a second to transfer your payments and withdraw from your bank account.Their is no fees of Paypal to bank transfer.


Those you wants to do fundraising using their Paypal as we have done then Paypal also provide that.Donation button from Paypal provides many settings for the donor as well as for recipient.The Paypal donation button can be easily embedded to you blog ,just copy the code and paste in to layout>add widget and you are done.
This was my first post related to Paypal,we will further post on the topics related to Paypal.

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