MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.2 Download

 MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.2 Download
 MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.2 Download

Download MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.4.6 & v2.5.2 from here, here and here.

Before use it is valuable to check that:
- adb drivers are installed, in a device manager there shouldn't be unsigned devices at relationship of switched-concerning phone. ADB Drivers here.
- USB debugging in Developer options of System atmosphere is allowed.

How to ReadBack ROM using SP FlashTool, to make the CWM recovery, to install SuperUser (acquire root) etc. If your phone is not rooted use the ROOT button.

1. Make scatter by means of MTKDroidTools
Scatter is the text file considering addresses of the blocks, maltreated for the SP FlashTool program. After commencement of scatter don't close the main window of the program! Otherwise subsequent to than anew it is snappish to position regarding phone.

2. In SP FlashTool pick this scatter and go almost the Read Back report.

3. Choose lane and a ROM file reveal. Click re Add button. Double click of a mouse in complement to the appeared parentage. Choose a file reveal, the herald has to begin behind ROM_ as offers FlashTool! Remember passage and the herald of ROM_ file.

4. Determine the ROM_ size. Type has to stand in HEX. In the showground of Start Address it is necessary to write beside 0x000000. In the showground of Length we copy from scatter the quarters of the block back after RECOVERY or the quarters of added block for fuller backup. For phones following type of the blocks EXT4 it is the cache block quarters. The number in the Hex format has to begin following 0x

5 . Choose Read Page Only occurring for yaffs2 type blocks phones. In FlashTool select Read Page Only in the field of Read Method. If this field isn't facility, the window moreover this ask can emerge, too we pick Page Only. On phones as soon as EXT4 blocks it doesn't acquire out (as a study).

6. Read Back ROM_.Click subsequent to insinuation to the order of Read Back button and be touching the switched-off phone to PC. Here the options depending in this area a authentic phone are reachable. Maybe it is vital to press at the same time following than fasten of a cable the camera or volume buttons. Experiment and testing do something back FlashTool in threads following associated phones! On some MT6573 models, for example concerning B63, it can't be executed by now than any combinations and on your own testpoint habit!

7. Prepare files for FlashTool and make CWM. If all passed without errorss, we admittance the MTK Droid Root & Tools window which we left vis--vis 1th step. If for some footnote the window isn't triumph, it is necessary to approach nearly the subject of phone and to attach it to the program. Click as soon as quotation to To process file ROM_ from FlashTool button and pick the ROM_* file saved regarding the 6th step. At rich unpacking rom it will be offered to pick CWM from same phone. Chosen CWM it is checked upon flexibility to the related phone and if ok, the CWM is created. Starting behind v2.4.0 CWM it is made automatically and the file from similar phone shouldn't be looked for an additional!
ttention! Yaffs2 type blocks from this backup can't be Downloaded to phone, they aren't precise! Use backup upon 9th step if phone have yaffs2 type blocks!

8. Download auxiliary CWM to the phone. Start FlashTool, pick scatter in the autograph album created upon the 7th step. Remove marks from all blocks! Click upon RECOVERY and we choose the file CWM in the connected baby book which was created upon the 7th step. Click Download and pin a cable to PC (phone has to be switched off) and expect the fall of process. DANGEROUS! On this step the CWM recovery block has to be marked by yourself! Also it is necessary to use unaccompanied the Download button and not to use at all the Firmware Upgrade button!

9. Make backup, install SuperUser etc. Load phone in CWM mode, be close to to MTK Droid Root & Tools, go upon the version root, backup, recovery and, pressing upon this excuse the necessary buttons, we get:
- backup! (if in phone there is yaffs2 type blocks, reach here surely, they received bearing in mind than readBack upon 7th step aren't fiddle subsequently)
- install superuser (often intention "profit root" knocked out it)
- and other if dependence

Never needlessly Download preloader and DSP_BL blocks! It is always dangerous! On some models of phones (for example Alcatel) you will have a brick even if you download these blocks entry from phone which you own! Always cut off from them marks in SPFT!
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