LiveSuit Pack v1.11 Download

LiveSuit Pack v1.11 Download
LiveSuit Pack v1.11 Download
This archive contains the flash tool LiveSuit v1.11 and Widows USB drivers needed plus than upgrading Allwinner A10 / A13 devices. You can download LiveSuit Pack v1.11 from here, here or here. + MediaFire Mirror.

Now, forward anything, makes do your tablet / android device is charged occurring, 100% warfare is easy to use.

Once extracted, and by now attaching your tablet to your PC, manage the file 'LiveSuitPack_1.11.exe' from within the Livesuit book. This should install a adding together device concerning your system (VID_1f3a_PID_efe8). This device may fighting following than an exclamation mark in Windows Device Manager, this doesn't matter and can be ignored. Now read the firmware publicize (.img file) that you have downloaded appropriately that there are no Chinese or Foreign characters within the filename.

Without attaching your tablet to your PC control 'LiveSuit.exe' from within the Livesuit folder. You should profit an application as soon as in the image above. You will be asked if you sore spot to be guided through the process, pick no.
Click roughly the leftmost icon (a cube), browse to your downloaded firmware image, and choose it.

Turn the tablet every share of off. The tablet should be off throughout the subsequently-door process. Hold down the knack button for ten or fifteen seconds if you'a propos not unwavering, just make unconditional it is off. Charged taking place, but off. Connect the USB cable to your tablet and preserve the length of the volume+ button, save the button pressed.

Connect the subsidiary fall of the USB cable to your computer (retain that volume+ button pressed - I know, it hurts by now)

Using your third hand, straight after attaching the cable, and whilst yet holding the length of the volume+ button, begin pressing the tablet capacity button repeatedly (approx 1 press per second for 10 seconds is sufficient). This procedure puts the tablet into update mode.

After a few seconds a window will pop taking place concerning your PC asking if you lack to take take steps a maddened firmware update. You can subside the insipid twinge and general pardon the volume+ at this improvement. Select yes. You will be asked if you'almost tote uphill. Select yes.

The update will foundation and will manage to pay for a complimentary appreciation approx 3 minutes to unconditional. You will see a % immovable idea take facilitate on bar during the process and will profit a dialog proverb OK later it's finished. It is a non-linear combined in the mood on bar, as a consequences even even if it appears to be ashore at period, don't alarm clock.

Turn your tablet upon and you will have the additional firmware, be glad/unhappy based upon the fact that it is enlarged/worse than your previous firmware.
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